Strafford: Fantasy Baseball Daily Double 6/10


We move on to the $44 qualifier on with a top five finish in last night’s game. I put up 350 points on the day, even with Tyler Skaggs giving me negative four points out of my second starter slot. I am proud of the team I put together for Sunday. I did a […]

Strafford: Fantasy Baseball Daily Double 6/9


We had a better showing last night than we have of late, but that isn’t saying a whole lot. In yesterday’s article, I mentioned that I didn’t like that I was starting a few offensive players against one of my starting pitchers. That ended up being a fairly good indicator of my night. Salvador Perez […]

Strafford: Fantasy Baseball Daily Double 5/30


I had my best showing to date last night, finishing in 59th out of 519 entries. I was well off the pace of first place, but was in a good position before the late games started. In looking back at the success, I went with two pitchers facing the worst hitting teams in the majors […]

Strafford: Fantasy Baseball Daily Double 5/29


Edwin Jackson seems to have found himself again. Unfortunately, the great start he had to last night’s game was derailed by a rain postponement. Jackson, Chris Davis, and Daniel Murphy were the lone bright spots on my team last night. I feel like the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz when he says,”Its gonna get darker […]

Going 9 Fantasy Baseball: Armida: Playing For Keeps: Lesson in Patience


The final full week of April is here which signals a call to action for fantasy owners. The good owner has been patient thus far, making moves for his injured players and resisting the urge to dump any player off to a poor start

Going 9 Fantasy Baseball: Kurtz: Clearing The Bases: Ranking The First Basemen

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Going 9 Baseball’s George Kurtz takes a long look at one of the deeper positions in Fantasy Baseball; First Base