Sanders: Week 7 NL Only Review


If you tuned into Going 9 Baseball on SiriusXM Radio on Saturday night, (and why wouldn’t you have?), then you heard me bring up the question: Jean Segura or Ian Desmond for the rest of the season?

Going 9 Fantasy Baseball: Clearing The Bases: Sell High


Let’s continue with another Top 9 list with a look at a few players that have gotten off to a hot start that can’t possibly keep up this pace all season long.

Nationals Ian Desmond Recalls Minor League Life And Lessons

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Ian Desmond didn’t struggle with confidence in his first year of professional baseball. He struggled to tone it down.

BD Fantasy: Hot Bats Now And To Be Called Up

Matt Joyce 2011 Rays

You may have heard the maxim “You snooze, you lose” at times in your life.  That saying certainly holds true in the world of fantasy baseball. Throughout the course of a 162-game MLB season, injuries are bound to happen to players.  It is imperative to stay on top of the waiver wire and pay attention […]

BD Fantasy: Highlighting September Call-Ups


As Aroldis Chapman dominated the headlines with his debut on Tuesday, the Reds’ lefty overshadowed a few other big name rookies with potential to get when rosters expand to forty. The heated pennant race in the AL East received an injection of youth into the equation as both the Rays and the Yankees called up […]

BD Fantasy: Versatility Reigns Supreme In Baseball’s Final Month

MLB: APR 23 Tigers at Rangers

As fantasy baseball begins its final month, the battle for a playoff spot can hinge on the impact of a select group of players. Whether it is the waiver wire or the DL that helps replenish your team, instant offense is a key to finishing strong down the stretch. While most of your fantasy lineup […]